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Empower your employees or members with the financial capabilities to cultivate their goals.

Financy is proud to partner with businesses and organizations to advance the financial capabilities of their members and stakeholders.

We tailor our proprietary Financy curriculum to match the needs of your audience and match the look and feel of your organization.


Provide an exclusive benefit to your entire member group or to an identified stakeholder group.

Test and Learn

Test this resource with a specific membership cohort to understand if this opportunity offers meaningful benefits.


Incorporate the online activity into an offline experience by creating incentives or recognition for course or curriculum completion.

Price and Value

After paying the initial set up fee, organizations pay a discounted fee per seat and only pay for the seats claimed by members.


An opportunity to show your organization that you are a proponent of financial literacy.

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Personal finance for kids

We make learning about personal finance engaging, interactive and fun!

Financy is a personal finance company dedicated to advancing financial capabilities in children, teens and young adults.



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