personal finance for kids

Empowering parents to educate financially confident and capable kids.

An Educational Resource

Financy is an educational resource dedicated to advancing financial capabilities in children, teens and young adults so that they are empowered to cultivate their goals.

Our Signature Curriculum

Our signature online curriculum is designed for teenagers and young adults. Each course consists of 40 minutes of instructional time, activities and section quizzes to review the presented material.

Economic Systems

Introduces key economic principles and how economic assumptions may drive economic choices.

Career and Income

Students learn about maximizing their most valuable resource, themselves.

Income Tax

Students learn about maximizing their most valuable resource, themselves.


In this course, students learn about the functions of the nation’s central bank, The Federal Reserve.

Spending and Budgeting

In this course, students are introduced to behavioral economics and how spending decisions are shaped.

Using Credit

Students learn how credit works with a detailed examination of credit cards and student loans.

Saving and Investing

Students learn about various savings vehicles and how to calculate simple and compound interest.

Home Finance

Students gain an understanding of key considerations for residential home ownership.

Protecting and Insuring

In this course, students will learn common risks and how to manage them.

Curriculum for Kids

Kids, Keep Your Cash Curriculum™ is designed for upper elementary and middle school students with an interest in personal finance.

Why Financy?

Parents are the first and best teachers. The curriculum was designed by a mother for use with her own children. You know what she discovered? It is hard to have a meaningful dialogue about personal finance with your kids. After working for years to create financial content for her children, this mother wanted to ease the burden for other parents by making her materials available.

My daughter rolled her eyes when I told her I signed her up for this but by the time it was over she learned so much and was sad it was ending. I highly recommend this course. It’s a great introduction to the foundations of finance and started some great conversations here at home. 

My 12-year-old learned all about money, investing, and budgeting. He was engaged and especially enjoyed the game session to practice the new information he learned. As a parent, I thought the instructor was excellent and taught the kids a lot of important information.

My 11-year-old daughter *loved* this class. She was up early and excited to join every day. The recommended age range is appropriate, and the amount of information provided is perfect.

By the end of the 4th module, our dinner conversations revolved around interests payments, opportunity cost, and investing in the stock market. Really. We have recommended this course to every family we know with tweens and teens.

Personal finance for kids

We make learning about personal finance engaging, interactive and fun!

Financy is a personal finance company dedicated to advancing financial capabilities in children, teens and young adults.



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